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A Levels

A Level qualifications are all about taking your knowledge and understanding from your GCSEs and developing to an advanced theoretical and analytical level. You have the option to study three different A Level subjects over the course of two years.

What are A Level courses?

A Level courses are a popular route into university, offering a wide range of subjects including some that you may not have studied at school. They are predominantly assessed by examinations at the end of a two-year period, although some subjects may have a coursework component as well

Why study A Levels?

As a nationally and internationally recognised qualification, A Levels will help you progress to university or employment both in the UK and abroad.

Knowledge and Skills

A Levels will increase your subject knowledge, improve your analytical, research and independent study skills

Exam Based

If you prefer assessment by exams rather than assignments, then A Levels would be a good option for you.


Students typically choose three A Levels. This allows you to take your interests further and keep options open.


We have a 98% A Level pass rate and many student success stories. Every year we have a high number of students going to top universities including Oxbridge and Russell Group.