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A Level Psychology

  • LEVEL 3

Course Overview

Psychology is the study of human behaviour and mental processes from a scientific viewpoint. The course features elements of social, cognitive, psychopathology, biological, evolutionary and developmental psychology.

You learn through a variety of interactive methods including experiments, debates, role plays and presentations.

Course Code


End Date

Fri, 26 Jun 2026

Entry Requirements

Requires GCSEs in science at grade 6, English language and maths at grade 4, plus the standard entry requirements of an
A Level or mixed programme...

Course information

You will study a range of fascinating human behaviours, including schizophrenia. You will learn how to use scientific research methods to study human behaviour. You will analyse theories and therapies for a range of mental illnesses.

You will learn how to write a psychological report using data you have collected. You will evaluate theories on interesting topics such as obedience to authority, eye witness testimony and criminal profiling.

2 Years

Three two-hour written exams at the end of the second year. Each exam consists of multiple choice, short answer and essay style questions. Each exam is worth 33% of the A Level. Research methods and maths skills are assessed in every paper.

Paper 1 – Introductory topics in psychology (social influence, memory, attachment and psychopathology).
Paper 2 – Psychology in context (approaches, biopsychology, research methods).
Paper 3 – Issues and options in psychology (issues an debates, relationships, schizophrenia and forensic psychology).

Level 3 AQA GCE A Level in Psychology

Conferences at Disneyland Paris lead by psychologists in different fields presenting their rearch and experience. Teacher’s experience of being a therapist woven into lessons.

University, career or an apprenticeship

Level 3

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