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A Level in Film Studies

  • LEVEL 3

Course Overview

This course is ideal if you’re a film-lover who wants to know how and why films work. Film Studies is a theoretical course, focused on the analysis and deconstruction of films ranging from early silent cinema to 1930’s Hollywood films to contemporary, experimental international films. It also considers the work of specific directors such as Alfred Hitchcock and Spike Lee. You will be invited to engage in critical debate based on film theories and theorists and produce your own creative piece.

By the end of the course, you will appreciate the power and influence of film.

Course Code


End Date

Fri, 26 Jun 2026

Entry Requirements

Requires either a GCSE in English language or English literature at grade 5, plus the standard entry requirements of an
A Level or mixed programme...

Course information

During the course, you will study 11 films stemming from a range of genres and disciplines. These include American, British, Indpendent, global, documentary, experimental and silent film. You will learn how films create meaning, elicit reposnses and deliver messages by deconstructing micro and macro elements within moving image production. You will use theortical knowledge and will create either a screenplay or a short film.

2 Years

In class, face to face.

70% of this course will be assessed through two 2.5 hour exams at the end of the two year course. One exam focuses on American and British film, the second on global, documentary, silent and experimental film.

The coursework element of the course makes up the remaining 30% of the qualification. For the coursework element of the course, you can choose to create a short film (4-5 minutes) or produce a 1,800-word screenplay. As part of your coursework, you will also be expected to create an evaluation, reflecting on your work.

Level 3 WJEC GCE A Level in Film Studies

University, career or an apprenticeship

Level 3

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