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Strode’s A Level Students Explore Creativity at Buckinghamshire New University

News overview

Year 2 Graphics, 3D, and Photography A Level students from Strode’s College embarked on an inspiring journey to Buckinghamshire New University. This immersive experience included engaging taster sessions and an insightful tour of the university campus, providing a glimpse into the vibrant world of higher education in the arts.

The Design and Illustration students delved into the artistic realm by exploring collages inspired by the Beat Poets, showcasing their creativity and drawing inspiration from the rich literary and artistic traditions. Meanwhile, the 3D students delved into the captivating realm of Interior and Spatial Design, crafting experimental models that reflected on the interplay of light and openings in spatial environments.

In the realm of photography, students focused on Studio Exploration, delving into contemporary studio practices and honing their skills in a controlled lighting environment. This hands-on experience allowed them to create striking images while mastering the technical aspects of studio photography.

The taster sessions and campus tour at Buckinghamshire New University served as a valuable opportunity for Strode’s A Level students to not only explore diverse facets of design and photography but also to gain insights into the higher education landscape. Strode’s College remains dedicated to nurturing such opportunities that empower our students to thrive in their chosen academic pursuits.

Posted January 25, 2024